Josh: You have a good idea of what impacts the score you can kind of direct.

Samira: Yes.

Josh: How do you usually determine that or what have you seen? Just give me an example

maybe of what you’ve seen in your practice that helps what your focus might be on?

Samira: Okay. I take credit reports. I review them and I prepare a plan. There is a fee if that’s the

service you’re looking for on how to recover your credit. What happens is I look at some

of the things that affect your score and I can tell you and I share this all the time, if you

pay late, it’s going to affect your credit score. It can affect your score between 50 to 70

points. If you get a collection account, it’s going to lower your score. Can it lower your

score a hundred points? Yes, it can. That’s what people don’t understand. A month ago I

had good credit and now it’s in the tank and I don’t know how it happened or why and

that’s what we help people understand and learn.