Josh: You talk a little bit about reasonableness, age, and amount. What are the factors, I guess, what are the factors which are considered in a FICO score?

Samira: Yeah, there’s different issues in the algorithm. For example, a person who’s 18 years old is not going to have the same credit needs as a person who’s 50. It makes sense. A person who’s 50 should hopefully have a house, maybe one or two cars, maybe a car for the child, things of that nature. I think you get the point. Maybe they even have a motorcycle or a boat. Someone who’s 18 is just starting their credit career, or their credit score. If you had all those trade lines, it wouldn’t make sense. There’s an element of what a reasonable person, based on their age, and their needs, would do with credit. What would they solicit to borrow money for?

Now, if you have 99, and I had a client that had 99 credit cards, you obviously have too many credit cards. There’s no need to have 99. The truth of the matter is that four to six should be more than enough credit cards, but people tend to not understand that. Then they open up too much credit, and that will lower their score.