Voting + Small Business Administration [SBA]

The deadline is near to vote.  As a Credit Lawyer here in Miami, I am not going to recommend any candidate.  What I hope is that you exercise your right to vote.  So many countries, like Venezuela, have lost their rights to have their voices heard.  I admit Venezuela has a special place in my heart. I grew up in Venezuela and speak fluent Spanish as a result.  If you choose not to vote, I feel it’s only fair that you also lose your right to complain about the outcome..?!

With that said, I hope the next President focuses on building opportunities for individuals to start a new business.  In Miami, there are so many small businesses that are successful.  For example, I love the fact we have plenty of small restaurants. Here in Miami, there is a local Thai restaurant with such great plates it feels like you’re in someone’s home in Thailand and grandpa is cooking in the kitchen.

All of these businesses took courage to start and struggled in the “Great Recession”.  Some owners lost their personal credit, some went bankrupt, some disappeared, and some got stronger.  There was a local Argentinean steak house that had a steak lunch special which was to die for.

For those wishing to start a small business, I say go for it, but make a business plan.  The better your credit, the better chances that you’ll obtain a loan [..and with better terms].  I hope the next President focuses on the SBA (Small Business Association) and expands its lending opportunities to all.  At this time, the SBA is really not working with local banks soliciting new loans.  It definitely could be improved.  I know there were a lot of losses and fraud during the bubble, but our government in the past has made business growth a priority.  I believe credit will continue to be one of the determining factors any lender or government program uses.

If you dream of starting your own business, but have credit problems, our firm can help your dreams come true.  Dreams don’t come true unless we are willing to take some risks. We believe that we have THE credit lawyer to assist you.

If you have poor credit, if you have errors on your credit report, my firm can help.  We always offer a free consultation.