Now that the election is over, some are super happy and over the top, while others are very disappointed.  Some are lost and confused.  What does this all mean? Am I going to be deported?

I see the protest in Miami shutting down traffic and understand the tears, anger, and fear.  People are crying “Blue” Tears. Blue being the color for the Democratic Party.

I see the celebrations and tears of joy from those who feel their voice will finally be heard. People are crying Red Tears. Red being the color for the Republican Party.

Well, I hope the heavens open up above let it rain – purple rain for the country’s healing and our unity.  That is the only way we can continue to stay strong as a country.  We need to talk to each other and try to understand the “other” side.
Here are two examples:
First, I spoke with a small pizza shop owner here in Miami.  He serves New York style pizza. He was born in New York, is very liberal, and his background is from Sicily, Italy.  He said as a business owner he can’t afford to pay a minimum wage of $15 to an employee.  It would put him out of business.   His business is struggling, he voted for Trump, and said he wants what we all want. “We all want to feel safe, to work hard, to provide a future to our children, and at some point be able to retire.”

Second, I spoke to an attorney born in Panama with a young adult black son. Her son is also an attorney.  She asks how can I feel safe when Trump’s message has been black lives don’t matter?  Immigrants should all be deported. She admitted “ I am scared. As a Black Immigrant Hispanic Woman — this is not my President.”

That is why I am praying for purple rain.  As Lincoln said “A house divided can not stand”.  No more blue or red. We are all purple now, with Trump as our elected leader.  We may not like it, but we must accept it.  I believe all have the right to protest, but please remember this is a democracy.  Peaceful protest is the only viable path to change.  Physical violence will not solve our differences.  It will only bring division, death, and more pain.

No matter how you feel about President Elect Trump, I think we will have to wait and see what happens.  Until then, let’s choose to live in faith and not in fear.

What does this new president have to do with credit?  I don’t really know, but I imagine your credit score will be more important than ever.  Credit scores are one way a lender determines whether you’re a good candidate for a loan.

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