Financial Prosperity

Is there a difference between Prosperity and Financial Prosperity? I would argue that there really is and it’s a big difference. We all know individuals who have achieved financial prosperity. Some are actors, businessmen, inventors. But, with that financial prosperity, not all of them achieve real prosperity. For me, financial prosperity has to do exclusively with finances. This includes having a house, a car, good credit, low credit card balances, a prudent reserve, savings, a 401(k), and cash on hand. These goals take time to achieve. The average family here in Miami makes about $50,000 a year. Many parents want their children to attend private or religious schools and, that alone, can get very expensive. It is hard to save, prepare your kids for college, and work towards your retirement.

If you have succeeded in achieving a little financial prosperity, that is great. The reality is that we can achieve “prosperity” at any time. Income is irrelevant. Where you live is irrelevant. Whether you have children is irrelevant. What is this mysterious concept of “prosperity”? For me, it is living in an attitude of gratitude for what you do have. It is giving thanks to a higher power no matter the circumstances you face. No matter your credit, your credit score, your income, your weight, your looks, you job, your lack of a job, you give thanks for the blessings you do have. If you’re complaining that you deserve more, then you’re not living in prosperity. Being prosperous means, to me, enjoying a beautiful sunset, or going to the beaches in Miami in October to just observe the beauty that the ocean has to offer. It’s usually the free things we take for granted. Seeing a family of squirrels in the park is living in the moment and enjoying that moment. When we take mental trips on “What if”, then we are living without prosperity.

So, now that we know the difference, I invite you to start living in “prosperity” as soon as possible. I make an effort every day to just give thanks. I have learned that when I do live in an attitude of gratitude, it’s hard to have a bad day.