Fair Credit & Identity Theft



April 2006 UPDATE: VantageScore, LLC — It is a new credit scoring system being promoted by the three main credit reporting agencies — with scores from 501 to 990. In addition, to simplify the process they will be adding a “grade” [A, B, C, D, F]. It will be interesting to see how the lending industry uses this new system.

IDENTITY THEFT: Many of our clients have been the victim of identity theft and are seeking to recover their good name and good credit. Some of our clients are sued by creditors for fraudulent accounts opened under their name. Others are harassed by debt collectors on accounts they never opened and much less owe money on. Many had excellent credit, but now are often denied credit. Some identity theft victims have even filed for bankruptcy hoping it would be the solution. All victims say they are living a nightmare and want it to stop. Being the victim of identity theft and unfair credit reporting can end. Our firm may be able to help you. As a consumer, there are laws to protect you, the identity theft can be stopped and your good credit recovered. Many times clients also recover damages under the FCRA statute. There are answers so let us try to help.

POST-BANKRUPTCY: Many of our clients have faced difficult situations, like a loss of employment, illness, divorce, which has caused their credit history to spiral out of control. They seek to get out of debt, to improve their credit, but don’t know where to start. They turn to debt consolidation companies hoping for relief only to discover that their credit score has dropped dramatically as a result thereof. Many clients have no alternative but file for bankruptcy, thinking they would, finally, have a fresh start. After bankruptcy, they learn that they are still harassed by debt collectors and their credit reports have errors which artificially reduce their credit score even further. For example, creditors still report accounts with current past due balances or debt collectors continue to report the same collections on their credit report under a new account number.

IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT: The two situations just discussed lead consumers to suffer with poor credit. They end up being denied a loan for a car or a mortgage. Others end up paying more for the same car or house. These errors which are not their fault end costing them thousands of dollars in higher interest rates. If this sounds familiar, we are happy you have found this web site. Living in this nightmare can end. We are here to serve and assist you by helping enforce your legal rights and through education.

OUR LEGAL FEES: The rights afforded to you, as a consumer, under the FCRA and the FDCPA means that a corporation or party who has violated your rights may ultimately be made to pay for statutory damages, actual damages, and your legal fees. Therefore, if we agree to represent you in any case, you won’t pay any attorney’s fees unless we are successful and we recover on your behalf. We are here to serve and have assisted many consumers enforce their legal rights. Let us try and see if we can help you too. That means you pay no fee in your case unless we recover.