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Bankruptcy is a hard option to discuss for many of us, but it is one of the options which will provide us with financial freedom when we are in a financial crisis. In my experience, my clients turn to Bankruptcy when there is no alternative. Some of my clients state that morally they can not proceed to take such a measure. After listening to their concerns, I often remind them that it is their right as an American to seek the assistance of the Federal Court. Our country was founded on the principal that a person owing money [with a few exceptions] would not be arrested or placed in jail. As an American in this country, we are allowed to seek the assistance of the court and ask that all of our unsecured credit card debt be forgiven. Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers:

Will the court take my house??    Absolutely NOT. The whole goal of these proceedings are to assist you, the consumer, to get back on your feet. In many ocassions, the court will obligate the banks and lenders to cooperate with you. They will objectively review your financial situation and develope a plan towards financial stability. There are various alternatives, Chapter 7, 11, and 13.

What is the difference between Chapter 7, 11, 13?   It is quite simple. Chapter 11 is for business reorganizations. When you see on TV that American Airlines filed for Bankruptcy protection, they usually refer to Chapter 11.Chapter 7 & 13 are for individual consumers like you. The difference is that in a chapter 7 all of your credit card debt is forgiven. If you qualify for a Chapter 7 and you owe various credit card companies lots of $$$$, you will pay nothing back. You read it correctly, you will pay ZERO. All of it will be discharged in the Bankruptcy. In a chapter 13 bankrutpcy, you are asking the court for time to pay everyone back all of the money you owe. This chapter is often used for persons who have a high income and/or are trying to save their house. Either way, it is a solution we are entitled to as Americans. In desperate times, I always ask my clients to keep an open mind as to the best solution. Sometimes bankruptcy not only releases you of large balances, but may be the fastest way to get your credit back.

How long does it take to get my credit back after a Bankruptcy?   When you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney Miami, this is what separates the good lawyers from the great in our opinion. Again, this is the key difference between our firm and a factory type of bankruptcy law firm. We believe that if it is in the best interest of a client to pursue a bankruptcy, then that consumer should equally have a plan to recover their credit post-bankruptcy. When hiring our firm to assist you in a bankruptcy, we include in our services reviewing your credit after the bankruptcy and assisting you to rebuild your credit. This is the services of our law firm — a credit law firm. We are willing to assist you and suggest that you contact our firm. As I have said before, we are here to serve. We are here to offer solutions. We have assisted many consumers in a financial crisis with credit problems, so why not let us attempt to assist you. Contact us via e-mail or by phone at 305-860-1221.