It is my position that life is like a school. We are here to learn. I could be wrong, but I believe all life experiences happen for a purpose. For me, even failures happen for a purpose. Some failures have been life changers for me.

I heard someone share that failures lead to experience which leads to wisdom.

Well, I don’t think I am a “wise” woman, but I do believe I am “wiser” than I was. The best example of my failures was a real estate investment here in Miami. In theory, it was an awesome opportunity to buy a Miami Apartment Building with little money down. It needed repairs, which I estimated and I was prepared for. The ultimate goal was to convert the building to condominiums. So, I invested my savings and it started to go South from there. Suddenly, I was hit with serious plumbing bills and other unexpected expenses. It went way over budget and I realized I was trapped. I needed to continue investing and I pulled equity from my home to cover the unexpected expenses. I ended up selling the building at a loss. It destroyed my credit. I lost my house in 1999 and had two automobiles repo’d. My credit was in the tank and my credit score was a 499. Just so you know, anything below a 550 is an “F” in the credit world. I had to cut back on my expenses and learn from this failure.

My grandma [mi abuela] inspired me. She lovingly said “Just because you failed, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It sure felt awful. I had been practicing law for about 10 years and it was a serious setback. I tried credit repair organizations like Lexington Law and it didn’t work for me. I decided to hit the books and learn about credit and the Federal Laws which regulated them. I studied the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. To my surprise, these laws provided consumers with rights to sue, get their credit reports corrected, get paid statutory fines, and awarded attorney’s fees.

If you’re in a difficult financial situation, keep moving forward. Know that you are NOT a failure. Know there is Help. Don’t give up — feel free to contact my office at 305-860-1221.