How long Samira has been an Attorney and specifically, how long has her practice been focused on credit law and bankruptcy? What was her credit score like?

Samira’s interest in credit law came as a natural, organic process mostly out of necessity. She had upside down real estate investments and vowed to change her life, and the focus of her practice. She became fascinated with the intricacies of bankruptcy law, and the value of credit scores. She found an abundance of clientele who had either had calamity, bad business experiences, or issues with unjustified entries on their credit report, that needed assistance and did not know where to begin. Because credit is so crucial to both businesses and individual people, she enjoys educating people about good budgeting, credit maintenance, and credit repair.

“I’m a licensed attorney for over 25 years, of which I’ve dedicated myself since 2002, 2001 maybe, to credit law and credit problems. Again, I started with myself. I had a score. My score was a 499 FICO score. I got it all back, but it took a while. Yes, I did have to file a lawsuit to get my credit back, and that’s okay because we offer that service.”