My Abuela

As some of you may or may not know, I am half Cuban.  My Abuela was born in 1913 in Havana, Cuba.  When she was born, she was very wealthy. Her family had farms which produced milk for much of Cuba.  All of her land, houses, wealth, cash, and jewelry was lost to the Castro Regime.  She fled Cuba for her life and landed in Miami, Florida in the early 1960’s hoping to return as quickly as possible.  As for so many, she witnessed family member and friends killed in cold blood by the Castro Regime.

It is only appropriate that I dedicate this column to her memory because Fidel Castro passed away.  He was an evil dictator that destroyed many lives.  He killed his own people to remain in power and destroyed so many dreams.

My Abuela’s life in Miami was one of true poverty.  She constantly struggled to make ends meet.  She never used credit cards as those were taboo.  She never purchased anything on credit, not even a car.  She was never able to buy her own house. She would warn me about too much credit card debt. She encouraged me to purchase my first home when I was 24 years old. By the way, one of the best financial decisions I ever made as I sold it 5 years later and made a $50,000 profit.

Cuba is still controlled by the Castro Regime and it’s my opinion little will change with Fidel Castro’s death.   Its people are oppressed.  Freedom of speech does not exist.  To express distaste for the government is punished by prison or even death. For many years, there was no freedom of religion.  Even today, it is limited and can’t have values “adverse” to the Castro Regime.

I am forever grateful to my Abuela’s sacrifices and for the honor of being born in this great country.   She never was able to go back to Cuba without risking her freedom.  She taught me about faith, love, compassion, and to be of service.

What is Cuba’s future is unknown.  Many in Miami have celebrated his death.  I will not celebrate his death, but  I can pray for the Cuban people and hope there is a transition to liberty, freedom, and prosperity.

Viva Cuba!