Back to school Miami!

Cheap is not an option

It’s time to prepare to go back to school.  I know this is a time of excitement and maybe nervousness for students and parents.  Time to spend money and many are on a tight budget.  Some of us have children who are gifted and need special calculators while others have children with special needs.

Either way, I firmly believe in education.  It has helped make our country great and will continue to prepare the next generations.  For me, Education is freedom.  It’s a way to earn a career as a accounting, dentist, veterinarian, doctor, nurse, engineer, or even as a lawyer.  Education is also a way to learn a trade-air conditioning, mechanics, etc.  One of the greatest gifts this country offers is to encourage our youth to learn and to follow their passion.  So, when buying school supplies, it’s my opinion to let our children decide.  Everything from the type of pens and pencils to their school bag (no matter how ugly you think it is).  As parents, our duty is to prepare them for life.  Ideally we want them to be self sufficient and independent.  My point is that it starts when they are young.  This is true of finances also.  A parent who always charges everything on their credit card, becomes high in debt, then stops paying the bills, is setting poor example.  

Let’s focus on teaching them the value of an education and to have a routine.  To pursue their passion in math, science, and the arts.  Not everyone was meant to be a doctor or a singer. Each of us has a gift.  

Every position in life is valuable, especially if we use it to help others.

So, this time of year is not full of expenses, but opportunities.

It’s a time to invest in the next generation!