Josh: Okay. So I’m being sued by a credit card company. What do I do?

Samira: The first thing you need to do is consult an attorney and see what’s going on, because if they do succeed in getting a judgement, they can garnish your wages, they can freeze your checking account and they can freeze your savings account and if your car is paid in full, they can even repossess your car. Do I see that happen? Absolutely. All the time. So the tendency is, “Oh, I’m just going to ignore it. Nothing’s going to happen.” But there are consequences. Can they put you in jail? No. Now if you violate a court order and you’re ordered to appear in court and you don’t show up for some sort of discovery issues, then you could get in trouble with contempt of court. The key is that people do not go to jail for owing money. That’s important.

Josh: Right.

Samira: That you can not go to jail for owing money, but you do have to comply with certain rules.