Tell me a little bit about your story. How did you lose your credit?

Samira:                  The reason that I provide this service and I got involved in the Fair Credit Reporting Act and credit law is because I lost my credit. I invested $300,000 in a real estate project and it was supposed to be an apartment that was going to be converted into condominiums and I lost my shirt. As a result of that I had two cars that were repo’d. I’ve had a house that I lost to foreclosure, obviously commercial building was lost, everything else happened.

I went to different places and I asked them, “Can you repair my credit?” One guy was honest, he says, “There’s over 101 laws basically, federal laws, that protect your credit and how it can be reported and things of that nature.” He was probably the most honest. The other one scammed me. They said, “Max your credit cards out.” The other one said, “I can take things off,” and of course they couldn’t. I then went to the library and I learned. I learned about the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I learned about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I was my first client. I became an expert at it. As a result I got my credit back.