Economics & Spirituality

Economics & Spirituality

In my experience, having financial and credit problems has lead me to seek a spiritual connection.  I am not promoting a religion.  My financial losses were so great and so painful, it brought me to my knees and I started to pray.  I realized I needed help from up above. Credit Repair was only a small part of my overall journey towards financial success and stability.

At first I was angry with myself for having lost $300,000 on a real estate project here in North Miami.  I bought an apartment building with the plan to turn it into a condominium.  After a while, I couldn’t stay angry and I realized I needed to focus on finding a solution.

The Spirit

I started to attend a local church in downtown Miami.  Their focus was on building a connection with your higher power.  It didn’t matter if you belonged to a specific religion or had none.  The point was that I was not all powerful and all knowing.  Through prayer and meditation, I learned to connect with the great “I am” power.  I learned to forgive myself for my failed business venture.  It, as most events in life, was a lesson.  I learned the real valuable things in life weren’t “things” at all.  I learned life was about love–to love and be loved.  I started practicing an attitude of gratitude.


Financial Diet and Credit Repair

I also started what I call a financial diet.  I learned the difference between “I want” and “I need”.

I focused on two financial goals.  First, reduce my expenses.  This required me to be humble.  I down sized from that 4 bedroom 3 bath, double garage, approximately 3,000 square foot house to a rented 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment.  It was a dramatic change, but it felt good to be able to save money.  I reminded myself this was temporary.  In the future, I could buy another house.  I cut back on other expenses.  I didn’t have a home phone.  I didn’t have cable or internet.  I had a cellular phone with a fixed plan per month with no extra minutes.


Increase Income

Second, increase my income.  I know you all are thinking this is easy as an attorney, but it wasn’t.  It required that I learn and practice new areas of law.  I was really interested in consumer law because I wanted to recover my credit and I kept getting scammed.  Learning this type of law would never have happened if I didn’t lose that money and lose my credit.  After practicing for 10 years, I hit the books in the University of Miami Law Library.

Today, I am back on my feet, I learned how to keep my credit.  I learned not to take on too much debt.  To choose my projects wisely and not put all my eggs in one basket.

Now, I offer to help others find their way through financial difficulties.  Sometimes a bankruptcy is the solution.  Sometimes bankruptcy isn’t even possible because of pending immigration papers or other assets. At the core, the goal is financial independence and responsibility which are at the root of long term credit repair.

Either way, having lived with financial problems, I know the frustration and the pain.  My firm is here to offer solutions.  I always offer a free consultation.