They just wrote letters and did disputes, an then more disputes! There was really nothing else that happened that could help me. I had to learn that recovering your credit is a process. A steady, but attainable goal. Trying to repair your credit is basically trying to cheat the system, which is fine. The problem is, if you follow the process, you’re going to get your credit back and you’re going to get it for the rest of your life, and you’re going to learn how to get it back. You’re going to learn how to keep it.

So what is it that most credit repair companies in Miami actually do, when they are paid to recover credit? Many of these firms are mills, that work on a huge volume of clients credit records. Usually they aim to overwhelm the credit reporting agencies with disputes that have little foundation. Sometimes the reporting agencies drop the ball, and do not respond. Sometimes they do indeed remove items from the credit report. This volume game of disputing everything, and then seeing what sticks, is largely automated, and not followed up on with any real manpower or legal wisdom. It may be that you get what you pay for. There is no rhyme or reason aside from brute force. Careful inspection of a credit report by an expert however, may yield much better results, in less time, often for less money.

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