Credit Scores Variations

Credit Scores Variations

Many consumers wonder why each credit bureau has a different credit score?

It’s important to understand that Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion

are competitors.  I like to compare it to Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota.

They don’t share information with each other and each have different

approaches to collecting credit information.  They also have

confidential agreements with lenders.  For example, you buy a car here

in Miami from a Miami dealer with not so great financing.  This dealer

uses “private financing”, meaning the money comes from investors

living in Brazil, but they still report your payments to all three

credit bureaus.  As this is a small operation, they may report once a

month or even take longer.  The information may be mishandled and a

late payment may be  reported to only two credit bureaus.  The other credit

bureau didn’t get the information so your score would be higher with


Another example is that this operation only reports to one credit

bureau.  All that good information is not being reported to the other

two credit agencies.  This is not common, but it does happen.  If that

is the case, then this will cause a variation in your credit scores.

Sometimes, adverse accounts are not reported or judgments appear only

on one credit report.  This will also cause credit score variations.

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It is my opinion that these scores should be different but not

dramatically.  If one score is in the low 600’s and the other score is

above 700, I would check all three credit reports.  It is possible

that an account appears on your credit report which doesn’t belong to


As always, review your credit reports once a year.  If you have

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