Josh: Okay. What else is required to purchase a home? I guess you have your amount, a down payment.

Samira: Right. In order to purchase a home, you have to look at how much you’re going to be able to put down. Usually the minimum down is 3%. The more you put down, the easier the loan is going to be. The second thing is you have to look at your tax returns and see how much you’re reporting as income. Think about it, they’re lending you 100, 200, 300,000 dollars to buy a home. They want to be sure that they’re going to get paid back, so they’re going to do research and see the stability of your employment. If you have a job every six months that’s different, then there’s no stability. They’re looking for all those factors and, of course, the first and primary is your credit, because that’s going to say who you are and give the history of how you have handled your debts.