First, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  It is a celebration giving thanks for all our blessings.  I find it funny, but many times I complain about the same things I am grateful for.  For example, I give thanks for my wonderful house—while worrying how I am going to pay for it or a major repair.  Same is true with family.  I love them, but do I always like them…?

With Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and all the wonderful “sales”.  The reality is many of us, at least here in Miami, get into heavy credit card debt to enjoy those “sales”.  I am not saying not to shop, but to be prudent.  Ask if it is a want or a need?  If you’re seeking to buy a house here in Miami or elsewhere, does buying all those “sales” items set you back?  First we focus on getting the house, then the furniture.  Simple, but not always easy.

We all want the latest TV or cell phone.  The question is if you can afford to pay for it.  I understand a cell phone is needed, but there are a wide variety of products and prices.  Are you one of those individuals that has to buy the latest and most expensive?  Living check to check is not fun.  The reality is: It won’t stop until you take a step back and cut on the spending.

Those 0% percent financing credit cards can be tricky.  You have to make the minimum payment on time every month to protect your credit.  If you’re late, there may be a late charge.  Plus remember, if it’s not paid in full, then the ENTIRE amount of “waived” interest becomes due.  Not so awesome to know your new bill is almost double because there is still a pending balance at the time the “free” interest expires on their credit card.

My opinion is to think wisely, be prudent, enjoy the family and food.  Protect your credit and stick to your goals.

If you have a question about credit, please feel free to call us.  We always have a free initial consultation.