Bankruptcy considerations? What did Samira do?

Did you file for bankruptcy? Why or why not?

Samira:                  I was not able to file for bankruptcy because I had assets and I was not a candidate. As a result of that I had to find a way to get my credit back, get out of debt, without chapter 11 or 13. I know that there’s people in that situation that they cannot do bankruptcy. For example, they have pending immigration issues. That would be one perfect example. There’s other examples, but the truth of the matter is is they may have some assets that they don’t qualify that they would have to surrender and lose.

In those cases I am available for consultation and I’m available to take those cases and help people get out of the debt, get their credit back and not do a bankruptcy.

I would sincerely recommend that any potential client become fully informed on their options with respect to managing debt. Short term and long term financial goals, and life circumstances will dictate which choice is appropriate. I would be honored to advise you on making your next move towards financial freedom! Contact me today!